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You wake up, you update your Facebook status. You check mail, I mean email not snail mail. Of course you were tweeting till you slept. Never mind you already read all the news items contained in the bulky tabloid the newspaper vendor is selling across the street! Need I say that your phone stayed on the whole night not for security reasons but so that your push notifications are delivered instantly? Ok, you haven’t forgotten the chat session you never ended since Morpheus kidnapped you earlier than you expected.

Take a breath, visualize a world without the internet, without the world wide web. Now take a break. Where would you read this blog post then? Clueless?

One of the main disadvantages of computers is that they make us, human beings, overdependent on them. I think this far and wide extends to the internet and all information systems. We just can’t live without the information superhighway. Can we?

I don’t know what others may think but it’s practically impossible to think of the world without the interconnectivity and seamless sharing of information that we are used to today.

That we are living in the information age is undisputable. That we have slaves of the Net, as we fondly refer to the internet, is not lost on anyone.

Thus for the developing countries, Kenya included, the growth of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector is something that should be of utmost priority because that is where our future as a nation lies.

Whether we like it or not, we have no option but to join the rest of the world in tapping the full potential of the internet. There are challenges but challenges are there to be overcome.

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