Procedure for Installing Custom ROMs on The Huawei U8150 IDEOS



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Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response I got concerning rooting and installation of custom ROMs. This post is courtesy of your demand for a step by step guide on how to install custom ROMs on your IDEOS.

I’ve tried as much as possible to simplify the whole procedure.

1. Root your phone (As I outlined in my previous posts)
2. Go to the Android Market
3. Download & install “ROM Manager” application
4. Open the installed ROM Manager app
5. Continue reading this procedure on my new blog by following this link


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9 responses to “Procedure for Installing Custom ROMs on The Huawei U8150 IDEOS”

  1. charles dambowic says :

    Thank you for your posts (especially: Procedure for Installing Custom ROMs on The Huawei U8150 IDEOS). I found it extremely useful and was able to follow the instructions in a previous post from KoGiTroNomy at:
    in order to root my u8150.
    However, I am stuck at step five of this procecure:
    5. Flash your existing ROM using ClockworkMod
    When I try to use ROM Manager v4.4.0.7 to Flash ClockworkMod Recovery, I am taken to a dialog asking me to “Confirm Phone Model” and a drop down menu appears. u8150 is not an option on the list.

    I tried checking around in forums such as xda-developers and found the same question (where can I get an image for the u8150) and the response from another user who had tried to install a different version from the list, with borking results.

    Please advise (if you can spare the time).

    • echenze says :

      Thanks Charles. I am glad you found my posts here of use. I’ve been using Rom Manager version Please try this version. It’s worked for me and many of my friends.

  2. Dennis says :

    Hi, awesome post right there, one look at it and I garnered enough courage to go ahead and install the custom ROMS, I already have the ROM manager installed as well as the clockword Mod recovery addon, the problem is I can’t get my Ideos to boot on recovery mode, it gets stuck on the boot image without progress then I have to yank out the battery and it boots again normally, what could be the problem? Thanks in advance

    • echenze says :

      Thanks Dennis, glad to be of help

    • echenze says :

      Sorry for a delayed reply Dennis. It looks like you did not root properly. Root your IDEOS again then flash the existing ROM to ClockworkMod using ROM Manager (latest version) then enter into recovery mode. It should work. Still got more problems? Don’t hesitate to ask.


    @echenze great steps man,way easier than the ones on using other recoveries.Works.
    @charles dambowic had the same issue but i found a workaround.Get the newest version rommanager from android market.It has Huawei u8150 Ideos on the flashlist.Select that and make sure you do it on a wifi connection like it says.
    @Dennis had the same problem,but also got around it. The trick is to clear your download cache(i cleared all caches but download cache alone will do) BEFORE you flash clockworkmod.

  4. Fred says :

    Thanks for the insight, i have rooted my u8150, got super user but i cant find rom manager in my apps even after installation so am stuck. how do i proceed?

  5. gitau ngogoyo says :

    Charles..try touch menu list button. (between home and return buttons )to open menu on the active screen to show all listed devices supported..You will spot huawei ideos u8150 to choose from now on the full list.All the best!!

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