My Huawei IDEOS U8150: Gingerbread 2.3.4 Screen Grabs

In my previous blogpost,  I promised to post on this blog screen shots of my rooted Android device, the Huawei IDEOS U8150 running Gingerbread 2.3.4. Thanks for the overwhelming response I got from Twitter. Here are the screen grabs: Follow this link


Also read comprehensively how to upgrade the IDEOS to Gingerbread here


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62 responses to “My Huawei IDEOS U8150: Gingerbread 2.3.4 Screen Grabs”

  1. Android Kenya says :

    Would love to get some more screengrabs. Also looking forward to that step by step tutorial. Thanks!

  2. jhon says :

    tienes la rom de 2.3.4 para u8150? si lo tienes por favor pon el link para descargarlo

  3. Stan says :

    how to install gingerman 7 man it keeps on hanging on bootloader mode

    • echenze says :

      Hi Stanley. I tested both Gingerman 7 and CyanogenMod 7 last week and sadly they don’t seem to work on the IDEOS. It ends up hanging at startup. Use Gingerman 6.5Sreen (install+multitouch) or Gingerman 6.1.

  4. Stan says :

    Thanx for rply ive tried all roms that are on 2.3 none seem to work coz ive tried froyoman,cyanoman,gingerman 7,6.5,6.5.1, 5.1, cyanogenmod 7 and 6 none of thm work any ideas???

    • echenze says :

      Did you root your IDEOS properly? If so then download the custom ROM (e.g Gingerman) plus its Multi-touch. If you aren’t sure whether you rooted properly then please root again and follow the procedure for installing a custom ROM. This issue of IDEOS only accepting ROMs that have multi-touch exists only with the older IDEOS (in Kenya, those bought between January 2011 and May 2011). If your device falls in this bracket then that’s the reason. Please install the new ROM then while still in recovery mode also install the multi-touch. It should work. Please ask if you still got problems.

  5. Stan says :

    i just got cyanogenmod 7.2 running 2.3.7

    • echenze says :

      Cyanogen 7.2? Is it running well on your IDEOS? How’s the 2.3.7 Gingerbread? I’ve tried both CyanogenMod 7.0 & Gingerman 7.0 on my IDEOS and several others and they keep crashing. Only Gingerman 6.0 to 6.5 are very stable from my tests and usage on various IDEOS.

  6. Stan says :

    yap cyanogenmod 7.2 2.3.7 gingerbread it works very well plus wifi is okay I got it from the xda forum thingy its stable no issues apart from bad sound wen play music with its speaker with its highest volume…it backfired first install I did bcoz I didn’t format everything the first tym but after formatting boot,system,cache and data it worked

  7. Stan says :

    usb storage dsnt work too i have to remove sd card or use recovery to access my stuff

  8. Abdulhaleem Mwaumba says :

    i need help on how to upgrade from android 2.2 to the most current android,,,,that will work well without issues. am using huawei ideos u8150. pliz help as soon as possible

  9. Abdulhaleem Mwaumba says :

    ok and u can also use my no 0720079879 or 0734624750 because ill b trying today…….

  10. karthick says :

    where can i download Gingerbread 2.3.4

  11. wess says :

    i need help on how to upgrade from android 2.2.1 to the most current android.i have the ideos u1850…how do you root the ideos proprerly????please assist if you can.thanks

    • echenze says :

      Sorry for getting back to you late. Actually check on one of my earlier for a step by step guide on how to root successfully. Get back to me on where you don’t understand.

  12. mwas says :

    hi i have a u8150 which i bought mid last yr. i have downloaded fusion ideos bt my phone cant boot into customs recovery mode even after flashing the latest version please help

  13. Atif Ali says :

    hi dude,

    I am using 2.2.1 in my IDEOS U8150, can you provide me the link of ROM Gingerbread 2.3.4 that you using and how it will email is atifalinedian@gmail,com.. i am waiting your response..
    I will be thankful to you.

  14. Evans kaseee says :

    i tried gingerbread raw 0.6 on my ideos u 8150, it worked fine but, i didnt like the way the phone will hang sometimes, so i ran cataclysm, it allows over clocking too, but didnt like the bold texts, now i want to try gingerbread 2.3.4, any comment?

  15. Irfan says :

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for positng such a informative tips. I would appreciate if you kindly email me link for step by step guide for following:

    1. Rooting,
    2. Backing up ROM
    3. Installing ROM (Please recommend some faster/stable and error free ROM)
    4. In case of any problem, restoring factory default setting.

    Best Regards,

    Irfan, (from Lahore, Pakistan)

  16. ethan kasee says :

    hi echenze, can u give me the link to download gingerbread 2.3.4, i have tried 2.3.7 but i think it is too much for my ideosity!!!

  17. Jacob Mziya says :

    My IDEOS U8150 gives me this whenever am switching it on. “SIMLOCK block unlock reset KEY”… Can’t find any of the keys online. HELP… And By the way, how are you guyz able to upgrade 2.2.1 to Gingerbread anyway….?

  18. Azhar says :

    I am using 2.2.1 in my IDEOS U8150, can you provide me the link of ROM Gingerbread 2.3.4 and the procedure how to upgrade…
    My email address

  19. Vladdy says :

    Hey, got a problem finding the official Gingerbread ROM, mind sending me the file?

  20. kmhanley says :

    hi im using ideos too and i want to upgrade it to gingerbread.. can you also pls email me your guide.. thank you

  21. jim says :

    I recently got the ideos u8150 froyo 2.2.1, bt it force closes apps,screen is unresponsive at times,can u e-mail me
    1)rooting procedure
    2)suitable stable rom
    3)how to back up my apps b4 instaling gingerbread, and how to reinstal custom rom jst incase smthng goes wrong
    if possible the links too would be helpful

  22. yatin says :

    hey if anyone finds upgrade for 2.2.1 to 2.3 than please do send me the link my

  23. Neil says :

    Cannot Download Unlock Root. I keep getting the message that the connection has timed out. Neil.

  24. heeema says :

    i had installed android 2.3.7 on my u8150 … but it’s much slower now 😦 .. so to get android 2.2 back on my phone?? plz help

  25. sifer says :

    the radio is not working after upgrading to gingerbread. any help?

  26. sifer says :

    can anything be done on the radio. is there any update patches for the radio

  27. raunak says :

    hey my friend can you just send me a detailed way of upgrading ideos to 2.3 yah hope so you dont have any problems with that send it here

  28. K'jo says :

    currently running 2.3.7 using cyanogenmod 7.2 but may WiFi.. Bluetooth and data connection do not work … watz wrong ..?

  29. james says :

    hi where can i find the rom

  30. Stark says :

    Hi, I read your blog and upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.4 and, as you said, the FM is not working. Is there any package I can download to make it work? Also, is there any other OS without glitches you would recommend? I have dronix 0.6 but I haven’t tried. Please answer as soon as you can on my email.

  31. malibu rishard says :

    i want to upgrade my ideos wat i have to do plz im looking for help?

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